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Rank - If Any
How and When
Became a Member
1. 11 June 1950 Bro. H. Goldstein   Founder - 1950  
2. April 1954 Bro. J.W. Anderson   Founder - 1950 First S.D.
3. May 1955 Rt Wor. Bro. J.H. Vivian D.G.M. Hon. Member 21|11|1950 Consecrating
Officer 13|10|1950
4. November 1957 Bro. F.W. Bolton   Initiated 17|06|1952  
5. 25 January 1961 Bro. P.L. Archer   Initiated 17|11|1953  
6. 24 February 1962 Bro. S.C.B. Baker   Initiated 16|06|1959  
7. 11 January 1963 Bro. S.W. Brown   Initiated 21|09|1954  
8. August 1966 Wor. Bro. A.E. Talken   Joined 20|02|1951 7th W Master 1956|1957
9. 23 March 1968 Bro. H.O. Groth   Founder - 1950  
10. 18 October 1968 Rt. Wor. Bro. J.G. Folly D.G.M. P.G.D.(Eng) Founder - 1950 Charter Master
Hon. Member 18|06|1957
11. 18 February 1969 Bro. K.C. Thomson   Initiated 19|01|1965  
12. 18 June 1969 V. Wor. Bro. P.M. Roos D.D.G.M. P.G.D. (Eng) Founder - 1950 First Tyler
Hon. Member 21|05|1963
13. August 1969 Wor. Bro. T.W. Jauncey P.A.D.G.Std.Br. Founder - 1950 Charter S.W.
14. August 1970 Bro. F.B. Elliott   Initiated 17|04|1951  
15. 1 November 1970 Rt. Wor. Bro. F. Vernon Fairbrass P.D.G.M. Hon. Member 21|11|1950 Consecrating Orator
16. 14 December 1971 Bro. F.C. Olive   Initiated 19|01|1954  
17. 17 February 1972 Bro. K.S. McArthur   Initiated 16|11|1954  
18. 25 April 1972 Wor. Bro. C.S. Dart P.D.G.W.
Founder - 1950
Hon. Member 20|05|1969
First Secretary
Hon. Member 20|05|1969
19. 12 August 1972 Wor. Bro. Sir Colin Garbett P.G.D. (Eng) Hon. Member 18|06|1957  
20. 4 June 1973 Wor. Bro. C.H. Berrell   Joined 20|02|1951 17th Master 1966|1967
21. 6 March 1974 Wor. Bro. C.S. Parnall P.D.G.W. Founder - 1950
Hon Member 18|01|1972
Charter J.W.
3rd Master 1952/1953
Hon Member 18|01|1972
22. 14 April 1974 Wor. Bro. H.B. Ward P.D.G.Std.Br. Founder - 1950 First Asst. Secy.
5th Master 1954|1955
23. 10 August 1974 Wor. Bro. R.W. Long P.D.G.D. Founder - 1950 First Chaplian
4th Master 1953|1954
24. 28 January 1975 Bro J. Bonnell   Initiated 21|07|1953  
25. 28 August 1975 Bro. S.M. Martin   Initiated 20|08|1968 J.W. 1974|1975
26. 10 October 1975 Bro. G.F. Lamont   Initiated 15|01|1963  
27. 3 January 1976 Wor. Bro. E.R. Dwelley P.D.G.Std.Br. Founder - 1950  First Dir. of Cer.
28. 10 January 1977 Bro T.G. Chouler   Initiated 21|03|1967  
29. 30 march 1977 Wor. Bro. E. Hart P.D.G.Std. Initiated 21|11|1950 1st Iniate of the Lodge
8th Master 1957|1958
30. 5 July 1977 Bro. C.F. Severin   Joined 17|08|1954 Initiated 15|06|1921
Orroroo Lodge No.40
then member of
Lewis Lodge of Faith No.81
Both in South Australia
31. 10 July 1977 Wor. Bro. W. van Doesburg P.D.G.D. Founder - 1950
Resigned 28|08|1951
Rejoined 09|03|1954
Resigned 09|09|1972
One of the first Four
Stewards of the Lodge
32. 3 August 1977 Bro. R.T. Lucas   Initiated 16|07|1957 Organist of the Lodge
from 1958 untill
time of his death
33. 19 Febuary 1978 Bro. M Monty   Joined 16|01|1973 Initiated Prosperity Lodge
No. 2607 E.C. in 1963
34. 26 December 1978 Bro. M. Lunsky   initiated 17|04|1962  
35. 12 August 1979  Wor. Bro. S.R. Pledger P.D.G.D.C.  Founder - 1950
One of the first Four
Stewards of the Lodge
36. 26 October 1979 Bro. M. Kobrin   Initiated 17|04|1951 Died on Holiday
in New York
37. January 1980 Bro. D.E. Clarke   Raised 16|06|1964  
38. 19 April 1980 Wor. Bro. J.A. de Beer P.D.S.G.D. Initiated 20|02|1951 3rd Initiate
Initiated his son into the Lodge 15|11|1960
11th Master 1960|1961
39. 28 August 1980 Bro. R.J. Law   Joined Ex Woodslands Lodge
40. 25 Febuary 1983 Bro. Jack Davis   Joining Member 16|01|1968 Initiated Primrose
Lodge 710 IC 1940
41. 7 December 1983 Wor. Bro. J.B. Foden P.D.J.G.W. Joined 15|04|1952 Initiated 19|02|1947
Bucking & Chandos 2667
12th Master 1961|1962
42. 27 July 1984 Bro. E.A. Wakely-Smith   initiated 20|11|1956  
43. 24 September 1986 Bro. J. Goodman   Initiated 28|02|1968  
44. March 1986 Bro. D.H.J. Cutler   Initiated 20|07|1976  
45. 6 July 1990 Wor. Bro. Dr. Albert Bamford   Joining Member Master 1988|1989
46. 25 May 1991 Wor. Bro. N.A. Robinson P.D.S.G.W. Founder 13|10|1950  
47. 1 August 1991 Wor. Bro. J.J.H. Botha   Initiated 20|11|1962 20th Master 1969|1970
48. 31 August 1994 Wor. Bro. W.W. Martin  P.D.A.G.D.C. Joined 18|06|1968
Northern Counties 706 E.C.
Initiated 1943
25th Master1974|1975
Honarary Member 1985
49. 23 November 1994 Wor. Bro. C.R. Hulbert  P.D.J.G.W.
PZ P.G.St.B. in R.A.
Initiated 21|07|1964 21st Master 1970|1971
50. 14 September 1995 Wor. Bro. T.R. Ziervogel P.D.S.G.W.  PZ. Founder 13|10|1950 29th Master 1978|1979
Hon. Member 1992
51. 7 June 1999 Wor. Bro. J.E. Peasnall P.D.J.G.W. PZ. Initiated 7|04|1973 30th Master 1978|1980
52. 29 April 2005 Wor. Bro. G. Fisher  P.D.S.G.W. Initiated Overseas  
53. 2007  Wor. Bro. L.E. Davis  P.D.G.St.B.  PZ.   15th W.Master. 1964|1965
Notified By
Wor. Bro. J.B. Parnell
54.  19 May 2008 Wor. Bro. Paul Slot  P.D.S.G.W. Hon. Member 22nd W.Master. 1971|1972
55. 2 June 2009 Bro. A.J.B. Marais (Braam)  Fellowcraft 19|06|2008  
56. 5 July 2009 Bro. R. Howell  EA Initiated 21|07|2005 Ray Failed to progress
But paid Subs
Didnt want to be Steward.
57.  19 July 2009 Wor. Bro. Walter B. Newman  P.D.S.G.W.   16th Master 1965|1966
58.  22 January 2011 Rt. Wor. Bro. M.S. Freeman P.D.G.M. Hon. Member   
59.  2012 Wor. Bro. Dave Powell P.D.J.G.W. Hon. Member 35th Master1985|1986
60. 14 July 2013 Wor. Bro. Carl A.S. Hamel P.A.G.D.C.
Joined 17|09|74
31st W.Master. 1980|1981
Resigned 2012
Joined Golden Harvest
(Day Time Lodge)
61. 12 April 2014 W Bro John Caizergues PDistSGD PZ. Initiated 17|11|1987 W.Master. 1993|1994, 1998|1999 and 2000|2001
62. 24 April 2015 Bro Simon Harris   Initiated 18|09|2008  
63. 30 April 2015 VW Bro Dion de Beer PGSwdB
Initiated 15th November 1960
By his father
Wor. Bro. J.A. de BeerHon. Member 21|11|2013
W.Master. 1968|1969 2008|2009
DEPDIST GM 2002|2004
DEPGSUPT 1994|2000
PGSwdB RA 1995
PGSwdB 2001Worshipful Master for the first time, in our Lodge, in 1968-69 and again in 2008-09 which year, incidentally, marked a period of 40 years as the anniversary of his first time serving as the WM. He eventually went on to achieve high office in our District serving as Assistant District Grand Master for a number of years and ultimately becoming the Deputy District Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of the Transvaal which honour in our District afforded him the Rank, through the appointing by the Grand Master, the MW Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, of PGSwdB.He served as Deputy District Grand Master from 2000 to 2004 and as Deputy Grand Superintendent in the Royal Arch from 1994 to 2000. He also served as Inspector General of the District of South Africa, North east in the Rose Croix from 1998 to 2006. He was also the Treasurer of the South African Branch Council of the Rose Croix for many years.
64. 11th July 2015 W Bro Harry A Davis PDistDepGDC PZ Initiated
Harry was an ardent member of the Melrose Lodge and District Grand Lodge of the Transvaal until moving to Port Elizabeth several years ago.Suffered a heart attack
Master 1984|1985 1990|1991
65. 10 April 2016 W Bro Dawid  Faul DistAGSec Initiated
David Faul Memorial Service, 15 April 2016
Gracepoint Methodist Church, Glenferness, Johannesburg
Good  Morning everyone.
My name is John Mucklow from Melrose Lodge and I have been asked to say a few words. I’ve known David personally since 1993 and in recent years stayed on the same farm so have included a few personal reflections.
Firstly, thank you to the family for agreeing to include this tribute.  On behalf of Melrose Lodge may I extend to you the most heartfelt condolences on your terrible loss. Please know that everyone here today is shocked and devastated, understands your ordeal and shares in your grief and mourning.
Melrose Lodge is where David was initiated to Freemasonry in the year 2000 and he was master of that lodge in 2006-7. He went on to pursue a vigorous Masonic career. During his time he was an active member of both the Holy Royal Arch Order,   and the Mark Master Masons Order, as well as the Order of the Secret Monitor and the Operatives side degree. Well respected and highly thought off, he became a District Grand Standard Bearer and this year was District Assistant Grand Secretary. He was my proposer for both Melrose and Prosperity Mark Lodges.
Freemasonry was not just an abiding interest in his life, he was passionate about it.
District responsibilities require travel and the visiting of the many of the Lodges in the District and he was meticulous in the tireless discharge of these duties. We will miss his loyal and steadfast demeanour and dedication.
There will be an opportunity at the end of this service for masons to pay a final tribute, which is a traditional symbolic gesture, that of laying a sprig of acacia, which is an evergreen, to mark the grave of the recently deceased.
A Book of Remembrance is read every year at the January meeting of Melrose Lodge. Sadly, David’s name will be added to those who have served the Lodge so well and passed on to the Grand Lodge Above.
David had some subtle qualities and understood some subtle things. He knew that the ability to keep secrets is a test of character. No one could keep a secret better than David. A man must show he can be trusted with little before he can be trusted with much.
He was a patient man and patience is the beginning of wisdom.
He had kindness in him and kindness is the beginning of love.
David had a great sense of humour. He appreciated a good joke and could tell one too. Sometimes his material was a little dusty and this was one of his several charming eccentricities. We at Melrose got used to seeing him at our croquet day functions in his white Panama hat. Croquet brought out his competitive side as did chess also.
He died  tragically as a brave unarmed man defending his property. A life certainly interrupted, possibly unfinished.
The light of a master mason is but darkness visible, not very bright, shaded by  a mysterious veil which the eye of human reason cannot penetrate unless assisted by that light which is from above. Let us be careful to perform our allotted task while is yet day.
Some of you may remember the Fall Inn, a restaurant near Lanseria airport which he started and ran for some years. During its time it served many bush pilots of the era with what were fondly called ‘last blasts’. He often enlivened our festive board with these, together with his jokes of course,  and I hope when you leave here today you will find an opportunity to raise your glass to him and drink one more ‘last blast’.
David would have liked that.
Thank you
Master 2006|2007
66. 28 April 2016 W Bro John Malone PDistSGW. Joined from Phoenix Lodge 19|10|2013 John was initiated into Phoenix Lodge No 3602
67. 20 April 2019 W Bro John Bisland Parnell PDistSGW Initiated 21|04|1953 He attained District Rank of PDistSGW in 2012.
14th W.Master. 1963/64
68. 17th of July 2019 W Bro William Wallace Tucker PDistJGW Joined from Phoenix Lodge 19|10|2013

Wally was initiated into Phoenix Lodge No 3602 on the 20th of August 1994, and joined Melrose Lodge No 7034 on the 17th of October 2013.

He was promoted to District Junior Grand Warden in 2016.

He was exalted into Gold Fields Chapter No 2478 on the 25th of January 2000.

69 21st June 2020 W Bro Roger Robert Shepherd PAGDC Hon. Member

Roger Shepherd 10/9/1935-21/06/2020 has moved on to the Grand Lodge above @ 12:15 this morning due to natural causes

Masonic Craft
Initiated in Teheran Avicenna Lodge No 75 in the Constitution of the National Grand Lodge of France meeting in Teheran Iran on the 16 November 1963.Avicenna Lodge disbanded due to Iranian politics. Relocated to South Africa 1965 joined Amity Lodge 8135 under the  District of South Africa, (Transvaal) North on 17 November 1970. He was the WM of Amity Lodge in 1973 and again in 1977, also given Honary Membership 1995. ENG. CONST. CERT. No. 17392/70. He subsequently Joined Transvaal District Grand Stewards Lodge in 1978 and took the Chair of that lodge in 1984. Joined Orphic Lodge 5949 approx 1983 resigned about 1995.
Joined Amatole Lodge 2406 (Eastern Cape Div) 1992 Became Worshipful Master 2001/2002. Joined Albany Lodge No389 (Eastern Cape Div) in 1998 was Treasurer in 1999 and Worshipful Master in 2006/2007. at the time of his passing he was a member of St John’s lodge No 828 (Eastern Cape Div)

Grand Lodge Appointments
He was promoted to Grand Rank in 1998 and held the rank of Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies (PAGDC)

District Appointments.
District Grand Steward 1977. (TVL) Past Assistant District Grand Director of Ceremonies PDistADC 1978 (TVL)  District Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies DistDepGDC 1986 & 1988 (TVL) Past District Junior Grand Warden Assistant District Junior Grand Warden PDistJGW 1992 (TVL)
District Grand Director of Ceremonies 1996 & 1997 (Eastern Cape Divison) District Grand Junior Warden 1998 {Eastern Cape Divison} District Grand Senior Warden 1999 {Eastern Cape Divison}

Royal Arch.
Exalted into Royal Arch Orphic Chapter No. 5949 (TVL) 9th JUNE 1975. CERT. No. 5986/76. MEZ 1983.
Joined Zetland Chapter No. 608 (Eastern Cape Divison) 1993. MEZ 1994. Joined Star in the East Royal Arch EC 1998. JOINED Grahamstown Chapter No 386 (Eastern Cape Divison)

Royal Arch Appointments.
District Grand Sword Bearer 1988 (TVL) Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies 1996 & 97 (EC DIV)

Other Degrees.
Knights Templers (TVL) Park Lane Preceptory No. 460 14th March 1989. CERT. No. 4320. Knight of Malta ETC. 5th November 1990. CERT. No. 4320. Resigned 1995. Amatole Mark No. 799 4th December 1992. CERT. No.29273. Rose Croix St John's Chapter No. 59. 15th May 1993

Roger was cremated on Thursday 25th June 2020

70 3rd August 2023 W Bro Alastair Ross Hope PDistSGD Joined from Gaborone Lodge 14|03|2019 Alastair was initiated into Gaborone Lodge No. 8781 EC, and joined Melrose Lodge No 7034 on the 14th of March 2019.